Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year, More Points

The 21st year of the Run and See Georgia Grand Prix came to a close with the year end awards celebration on New Years Day at the ‘New Years at Noon’ race in Athens. The 2010 Grand Prix series was the biggest ever with just under 500 races and over 70,000 runners participating in races that represented all parts of our great state. The number of races was impressive, but even more than the number of races or number of participants, was the number of runners who ran hundreds of races in the race for points. The runner of the year was Linda Zieman who ran 198 races and earned 4755 points. The male runner of the year was Roger Keel, who ran 203 races, earned 4597 points and logged many more miles in his car. Amazing. But what is even more amazing is the range in ages for Grand Prix runners – from under 10 years old to 70 year olds who are still running a race or two every weekend – mostly looking for Grand Prix races where they can earn not only a trophy, but the ever coveted Grand Prix Points.

The Run and See Georgia Grand Prix will be bigger and better than ever this year and is sure to break 500 races. If you are looking for a new challenge with a great group of runners for 2011, look no further than the Georgiarunner.com web site and e-magazine. The race calendar features the races that participate in the series and where you can earn points for being one of the top 20 runners in your age group. And this year you can track your points and plan your running to maximize your points with our new system on the web site.

A great kick off to your running for the year and motivation at the beginning of the year is always a good thing. But even better is a way to stay motivated beyond the first part of the year. The Run and See Georgia Grand Prix does just that. So check out the calendar for January and get started. Even though many got points for the race on New Years Day, there are plenty more coming up this weekend and ever weekend throughout the year.

Happy New Year and Happy Running!

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  1. I'll be running my first 5K of the new year this weekend. Yippee!