Sunday, October 17, 2010

National Run at Work Day

Corporate America is growing. And I don’t mean in numbers of workers. I mean in waist size and pounds. And what workers are gaining in pounds, they are loosing in health. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are all on the rise.

In Georgia, we have been ranked among some of the unhealthiest states, not an accolade that we are necessarily proud of or will be promoting I am sure. But it is a ranking that should make us think about making a change in our habits – eating and wellness.

In September, the RRCA promoted National Run at Work Day. The purpose of the national observance was to encourage Americans to incorporate 35 minutes of walking or running into their daily routine to improve overall health. Was it successful? Hard to say. How do you change a culture that supports workaholism, overeating and excess?

But it is a start and is part of a growing trend to turn the unhealthy workplace around. And it is encouraging to see events like this and the other corporate wellness initiatives that expose workers to healthier options at work. I hope that many were able to take advantage of the National Run at Work Day. If you were not, I hope that you will start your own “run or walk at work day” some day soon. We all need it. And hopefully together we can change this trend of unhealthy lifestyles. Wouldn’t it be nice to see us change the Georgia ranking as one of the unhealthiest to one of the healthiest? It is worth a try and one that will be a great legacy of our community of runners today.

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