Friday, September 25, 2009

Cross Country Season in Full Swing

Fall is cross country season and middle school, high school and college cross country programs all over the state of Georgia are getting ready to enter (for some) the third month of competition. Some schools had their first meets at the end of August!

High school competition in Georgia runs until the first weekend in November, when the GHSA State Championships take place in Carrollton on Nov. 7 and there are meets every week until then, ranging from two-school duals to multi-team, multi-race events like The Mill Run Invitational taking place in Douglas County this weekend (Sept. 26). Thirty-six teams and over 1500 runners are scheduled to run in eight races (including the middle school races).

If you are a runner or just like to see good, clean, spirited competition, you should check out your local school's cross country schedule and attend one of their events. They would appreciate the support. And they would appreciate even more if you offered your help at some of the meets (meet directors hardly ever refuse volunteers!). And who knows... you may see a future Olympian or two!

You can find out more about Georgia high school cross country at Here you can check out a comprehensive schedule of meets, view team rosters, even read what runners, coaches and fans have to say on their bulletin board. If college cross country is more appealing to you, visit the college's athletic website and find out what's going on with your favorite team.

And if you are tired of pounding the pavement and want to find some trail races for yourself, check out the Race Calendar at There are several trail races of varying lengths offered during the year.

Happy trails to you!

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