Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turning 20

The Run and See Georgia Grand Prix Series is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2009. Started in 1989 with just 34 running events, the race series has grown to over 400 races that take place throughout the state of Georgia.

Run & See GeorgiaStarted as a way to encourage runners to travel around the state, get fit and have fun participating in quality running events, while at the same time seeing some of the great tourist attractions and cities, it has now grown into an all out competition. At each Run and See Georgia Grand Prix event participants earn points for placing in their age group in 15 different age groups from 10 and under to 80 years and older. The runners accumulate points throughout the year, running as many Run and See Georgia Grand Prix Races as they can to earn the maximum number of points. Some runners run as many as four running events per weekend to earn as many points as they can, with the record being 8 running events run in one weekend. In 2008, over 70,000 runners competed, earning awards for the leading point winners at the annual awards banquet and run on January 1, 2009. The winner for 2008 participated in over 150 running events and traveled over 25,000 mile traveling across Georgia.

"It can get quite competitive", said Gary Jenkins of Pacesetters P.R. who organizes the race series. "I have many people that follow their point standings very closely and they watch what their age group competition is doing too."The Run and See Georgia Grand Prix Race Calendar and Point standings are tracked in real time on the Georgia Runner online Magazine for subscribers at www.georgiarunner.com

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